Recruitment: Post-doctoral Positions Available

  • 29/07/2019

Four post-doctoral research fellow positions are available now (starting as early as Oct 2019) at the Learning and Vision Group. The postdocs will have the opportunity to work with world class researchers on cutting edge problems with profound academic and societal impact. In particular, they will work on deep learning, and/or their applications for computer vision problems such as object detection, segmentation and human pose estimation. Competitive compensation will be offered to highly competitive candidates.

The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements: (a) Possess or be in the process of completing a PhD degree in the area of machine learning, deep learning or computer vision; (b) Have a strong research record, demonstrated by having been published in prestigious journals and conferences (e.g., ICML/NIPS/CVPR/ECCV/ICCV/TPAMI); (c) Have strong programming skills; (d) Be self-motivated and good at team working.

Interested applicants please email your cv to